True Object Oriented JavaScript

Brings powerful oops concepts to plain vanilla JavaScript.
No compilation, no transpilation.

Four Pillars of OOP

Full support for all pillars of object-oriented programming: Encapsulation, Data abstraction, Polymorphism and Inheritance without any code compilation or transpilation.

Cutting Edge Essentials

Feature rich environment that natively supports advance concepts like custom attributes, AOP, DI/IoC, serialization, in-process context isolation and reflection.

Flexible and Isomorphic

Pure client-side usage or just on the server-side, or write code that runs both on server and client, its a flexible environment that plays well with most of the libraries, frameworks and systems.


See it in action, live!

A collection of demo code is available to readily explore the look and feel of the constructs.



All you need is flair.js

Add as dependency through NPM, hotlink via CDN or download directly from Github.



Get to know it.

Understand concepts using the succinct guides and refer feature implementation details from api pages.

Guides API

Operates non-intrusively on a layer beneath. No need to learn any new syntax, everything is just pure JavaScript.

Under 25kB min+gzip core layer, no external dependencies, and the whole suite of oop constructs, its quite a deal.